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Episode 2302

Episode 2302 first aired on May 11, 2022. Artists: Moana Tela, Jank Sinatra aka T-Bird & The Breaks, Kate Angel, Phoebe Hunt, Gary Clark Jr., Kane Alvarado, Como Las Movies, Jo James, Madam Radar, Patricia Vonne & Joe King Carrasco, Jack Barksdale, The Best Around, Bruce Hughes, The Belle Sounds, and Batty Jr. Watch the Episode
Episode 2301 - Austin Music TV Logo

Episode 2301

Episode 2301 first aired on May 4, 2022. Artists: Seth Walker, Joseph Mach, Buffalo Hunt, Tortuga Shades, The Best Around, The Bright Light Social Hour, Sir Woman, LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies, Tomar & The FCs, Peterson Brothers, Motenko, Jank Sinatra aka T-Bird & The Breaks, Woves, and Kate Angel. Watch the Episode
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Episode 2216

Episode 2216 first aired on April 27, 2022. Artists: Alesia Lani, Buffalo Hunt, Ric Robertson, Maggie Belle, LaTasha Lee, Motenko, Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real, Kelley Mickwee, LP, NORI, Jeff Plankenhorn, Fingerpistol, and Kathy Murray and The Kilowatts. Watch the Episode
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Episode 2215

Episode 2215 first aired on April 20, 2022. Artists: UTOPiAfest, Andy Frasco & The U.N., Me Nd Adam, Sarah Sharp & The Jitterbug Vipers, Graham Wilkinson, LP, James Hyland & The Joint Chiefs, Jomo & The Possum Posse, Willie Nelson, Jonathan Tyler, Shane Cooley, Thanks Light, Jack Pott!, and the Asylum Street Spankers. Watch the Episode
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Episode 2214

Episode 2214 first aired on April 13, 2022. Artists: Kate Clover, Calliope Musicals, Buffalo Hunt, Andy Frasco & The U.N., Arthur Yoria, LP, The Ghost Wolves, Monokino, Nervous Pulp, Zakoor, Sam Kogon, Kathy Murray and The Kilowatts, Rochelle & The Sidewinders, Jack Pott, Lefty Parker, and Derailers. Watch the Episode
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Episode 2213

Episode 2213 first aired on April 6, 2022. Artists: Buenos Diaz, Jonathan Tyler, Kelley Mickwee, Scott Biram, Ginger Leigh, Dirty Water, Sam Price & The True Believers, Graveltooth, Jack Pott, Swimwear Department, River Revival Music Festival, Rochelle & The Sidewinders, Bill Mullarky, Shane Cooley, and Giulia Millanta. Watch the Episode
Episode 2212 - Splice Records

Episode 2212

Episode 2212 first aired on March 23, 2022. Artists: John Evans Band, Folk Family Revival, Bayou City Funk, Arthur Yoria, Ancient Cat Society, Colin Lake, Pecos Hank, Craig Kinsey, Maggie Belle, River Revival/River Retreat, Swimwear Department, Flower Graves, The Watters, Brian Scartocci, Tomar & The FCs, Brownout, and Dem Roots Music. Watch the Episode
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Episode 2211

Episode 2211 first aired on March 16, 2022. Artists: A Giant Dog, Buenos Diaz, The Unlimited Stars, System Exclusive, MAMAHAWK, Me Nd Adam, Sydney Wright, Pi Jacobs, The HawtThorns, Monte Warden and The Dangerous Few, Ginger Leigh, The 40 Acre Mule, Alejandro Escovedo, and Kalu And The Electric Joint. Watch the Episode
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Episode 2210

Episode 2210 first aired on March 9, 2022. Artists: Kevin Galloway, Matt Hubbard, Henry Invisible, Graveltooth, Pike & Sutton, Madam Radar, Adrian Conner, Tomar & The FCs, PEARL Z, A-Town Get Down, Hector Ward & The Big Time, Panic Stricken, and Jeska & The Vanity Project. Watch the Episode