Episode 1902 - Nané - Quaranteen (Official Music Video)

Episode 1902

Episode 1902 first aired on January 20, 2021. Artists: Fastball, Jefferson Brown, Beth Lee, Nané, Easy Compadre, Scott Collins, CHANT, BLXPLTN, Greyhounds, Me Nd Adam, Charlie Belle, Motenko, Mandy Rowden, Jay D. Stiles, Kae Astra, and Tiarra Girls. Watch the Episode
Episode 1901 - Night Glitter - Le passage

Episode 1901

Episode 1901 first aired January 6, 2021. Artists: Blynd Birds, Steel Standing TX, Riders Against The Storm (RAS), Emily Shirley, Sarah Sharp, Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, Pocket Sounds, Fingerpistol, Rochelle And The Sidewinders, Stone Wheels, Night Glitter, LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies, Marshall Hood Band, Davey Meshell and The Heroes, and Jay D. Stiles. Watch the Episode
Episode 1816 - Shelley King - Christmas in Austin

Episode 1816

Episode 1816 first aired December 23, 2020. Artists: Austin Visitors Bureau, Bri Bagwell, Graham Wilkinson, Ted Russell Kamp & Emily Zuzik, Henry Invisible, Phoebe Hunt, The Lost Austin Band, Marcia Ball, The Mrs, Neil Darling - Todd Wilson - Candace Bellamy, Robynn Shayne, Joe King Carrasco and El Molino, Matt Hubbard Trio, Marshall Hood - Devin White - Jacob Jaeger, Jay D. Stiles, Ginger Leigh, Jefferson Brown, and Shelley King. Watch the Episode
Episode 1815 - Tomar & The FCs - Fine Time (Official Lyric Video)

Episode 1815

Episode 1815 first aired December 16, 2020. Artists: Wendy Colonna, David Garza, Blynd Birds, English Teeth, Pope Coke, Kev Bev, Ginger Leigh, Tomar & The FCs, LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies, Patricia Vonne, Silvie Rider Young, Marshall Hood, Savannah Red Music, David Pulkingham & Jay Stiles, and Jay D. Stiles. Watch the Episode
Episode 1814 - Robert Harrison & Suzanna Choffel - Someday We'll Be Together (HAAM)

Episode 1814

Episode 1814 first aired December 9, 2020. Artists: Henry Invisible, Shelley King, Marcia Ball, Candace Bellamy, Jeff Plankenhorn, Jeska & Guy Forsyth, Ruthie Foster, Oscar Ornelas, Sara Hickman, Frederico7, Robert Harrison & Suzanna Choffel, Marshall Hood, and The Resentments. Watch the Episode
Episode 1813 - Jonathan Tyler - Old Friend (Official Music Video)

Episode 1813

Episode 1813 first aired December 2, 2020. Artists: Matt Hubbard Trio, Ulrich Ellison, Kalu And The Electric Joint, PEARL Z, Riders Against The Storm (RAS), Kev Bev, Wild Bill & The Lost Knobs, Amanda Cevallos, Billy Broome, Kelly Willis, The Deer, Jonathan Tyler, NORI, Jefferson Brown, and Giulia Millanta. Watch the Episode
Episode 1812 - Jack Barksdale - Hundred Dollar Bill

Episode 1812

Episode 1812 first aired November 25, 2020. Artists: Gary Nicholson, The Texicana Mamas, LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies, Gary Clark Jr., Wayne Gathright, Amy LaVere, Robert A. Kraft, Eimaral Sol, The Belle Sounds, Cara Van Thorn, Giulia Millanta, Vanessa Lively, Craig Marshall, Sara Hickman, and Jack Barksdale. Watch the Episode
Episode 1811 - Mobley - James Crow (Official Music Video)

Episode 1811

Episode 1811 first aired November 18, 2020. Artists: James McMurtry, Steel Standing TX, Big Jaw Band, Spirit Ghost, Mobley, Vanessa Lively, Sasha And The Valentines, LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies, Motenko, Jeff Plankenhorn, Nakia, Emily Shirley, Altamesa, and The Black Pumas. Watch the Episode
Episode 1810 - Beat Root Revival - Up (Official Music Video)

Episode 1810

Episode 1810 first aired November 11, 2020. Artists: One Village Music Project & Fuel Our Fire, Beat Root Revival, Love & Chaos, Bill Carter and The Blame, Phoebe Hunt, James Hyland and The Joint Chiefts, Brownout, Fuel Our Fire & One Village Music Project, and Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real. Watch the Episode