Episode 1912 - Sonya Jevette - Big Girls (Official Music Video)

Episode 1912

Episode 1912 first aired on April 14, 2021. Artists: Gary Clark Jr., Dylan Blackthorn, Sue Foley, Kalu And The Electric Joint, Arrows To Fire, Adrian Conner, Sonya Jevette, Music Of 25, Jack Barksdale, The Watters, Henry Invisible, Motenko, Sir Woman, and Jacob Alan Jaeger. Watch the Episode
Episode 1911 - Emily Shirley - High Road

Episode 1911

Episode 1911 first aired on April 7, 2021. Artists: Henry Invisible, Matt the Electrician, Dawn And Hawkes, Todd Barrow, Dana Maria, Vanessa Lively, Keith Sanders & David Orr, Pike & Sutton, Matt Hubbard Trio, AZXO, Sasha And The Valentines, Emily Shirley, 7 Walkers, and Dylan Blackthorn. Watch the Episode
Episode 1910 - Zach Person - Can't Stop Running (Official Music Video 2021)

Episode 1910

Episode 1910 first aired on March 24, 2021. Artists: Zach Person, Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, Dewey Ivy, Dana Maria, Joseph Mach, Aaron Stephens, Thanks Light, Stone Wheels, LaTasha Lee, Igor Bulanov, Amber Lucille, These Fine Moments, John C. Densmore, and Jonathan Tyler. Watch the Episode
Episode 1909 - The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara - Mata Hari (Official Music Video)

Episode 1909

Episode 1909 first aired on March 17, 2021. Artists: Emily Zuzik, Todd Barrow, Henriette, Derrick Washington, Aeropryme, The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara, Woves, Fynite, Eliat, Yard Of Blondes, Michael Meeking, Sandra North, Keao Cockett, Sugaray Rayford, and Tasha HendrixX. Watch the Episode
Episode 1908 - Motenko - Silhouette (Live At Bud's Recording)

Episode 1908

Episode 1908 first aired on March 10, 2021. Artists: Jonathan Tyler, Jackie Venson, Nané, Tiarra Girls, Como Las Movies, Graham Wilkinson, AZXO, Motenko, Ginger Leigh, Candace Bellamy & Todd Wilson, Steel Standing TX, Jo James, Steampunk Mark Plimsoll, The South Austin Moonlighters, and Leeann Atherton. Watch the Episode
Episode 1907 - Nobody's Girl - Rescued (Official Music Video)

Episode 1907

Episode 1907 first aired on March 3, 2021. Artists: Vieux Toutou, Ulrich Ellison, Dr. Zog, SPaHrk, Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real, Nobody's Girl, Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, Sara Hickman, Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis, Savannah Red Music, Bill Carter and The Blame, Patricia Vonne, Tiarra Girls, Graveltooth, and Lew Card. Watch the Episode
Episode 1906 - Don Chani - Openness Policy (Official Music Video)

Episode 1906

Episode 1906 first aired on February 24, 2021. Artists: Black Live Music Fund + Six Square, Eimaral Sol, Nakia, Joseph Mach, Steel Standing TX, Jonathan Tyler, Nané, Sasha And The Valentines, Aaron Stephens, Candace Bellamy, Jo James, LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies, Don Chani, and The South Austin Moonlighters. Watch the Episode
Episode 1905 - Jonathan Tyler - Underground Forever (Official Music Video)

Episode 1905

Episode 1905 first aired on February 10, 2021. Artists: Joseph Mach, Nané, David Messier, Walker Lukens, LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies, Leeann Atherton, Steel Standing TX, Roxy Roca, Shakey Graves, Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, Jonathan Tyler, Sir Woman, AZXO, Graham Wilkinson, Riders Against The Storm (RAS), and Black Live Music Fund + Six Square. Watch the Episode
Episode 1904 - Plum Nelly - Dim Lights, Thick Smoke

Episode 1904

Episode 1904 first aired on February 3, 2021. Artists: Leeann Atherton, Charlie Belle, Easy Compadre, Droplift, Alan Moe Monsarrat, Igor Bulanov, Theirs, Craig Marshall, Shelly Knight, Bill Jones and Kathy Murray, Fingerpistol, Plum Nelly, Jay D. Stiles, and Mark Plimsoll. Watch the Episode