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Episode 1107 - Patricia Vonne - Graceland Trip

Episode 1107

Episode 1107 first aired June 20, 2018. Artists: Ginger Leigh, Jason James, Patricia Vonne, Vallejo, The South Austin Moonlighters, Paul Renna, Roxy Roca, Wild Child, Ady Hernandez, Jeff Plankenhorn, Shane Cooley & The Midnight Girls, Wood & Wire, DD Dagger Featuring Papisa, Josh Terry, and Austin Guitar Heaven. Watch the Episode
Episode 1106 - Beat Root Revival - Instincts

Episode 1106

Episode 1106 first aired June 13, 2018. Artists: Johnny Goudie, Patricia Vonne & Joe King Carrasco, Beat Root Revival, Kathy Murray and The Killowatts, Robynn Shayne, Quiet Company, Phoebe Hunt, Greyhounds, Suzanna Choffel, Jeff Plankenhorn, The Bishops, DD Dagger Featuring Papisa, Rochelle & The Sidewinders, and Ex Romantika. Watch the Episode
Episode 1105 - Honey Island Swamp Band - Prodigal Son

Episode 1105

Episode 1105 first aired June 6, 2018. Artists: Ruthie Foster, Matt Hubbard Trio, Mama K and The Shades, Brownout, Papa Mali, Greyhounds, Nakia, Los Coast, Honey Island Swamp Band, A-Town Get Down, Kalu And The Electric Joint, and Austin Guitar Heaven. Watch the Episode
Episode 1104 - Phoebe Hunt - Marching On

Episode 1104

Episode 1104 first aired May 23, 2018. Artists: Amanda Cevallos & The High Hands, Eve & The Exiles, Mobley, Blood Pumps, Suzanna Choffel, Folk Uke, Sharon Bourbonnais, Tortuga Shades, Rochelle & The Sidewinders, and Phoebe Hunt. Watch the Episode
Episode 1103 - Jeff Plankenhorn - Love Is Love

Episode 1103

Episode 1103 first aired May 16, 2018. Artists: Charlie Belle, Nakia, Roxy Roca, The Belle Sounds, Paul Renna, Gurf Morlix,Tortuga Shades, Rochelle & The Sidewinders, Jeff Plankenhorn, Young Tongue, Migrant Kids, Spectral Sea, and Austin Guitar Heaven. Watch the Episode
Episode 1102 - Daisy O'Connor - Do Be Do

Episode 1102

Episode 1102 first aired May 9, 2018. Artists: Eric Tessmer, Sis Deville, Jeff Plankenhorn, Daisy O'Connor, John Gaar, Sarah Sharp, Ex Romantika, Roxy Roca, and Royce Phillips Jr & Ryan Greenblatt. Watch the Episode
Episode 1101 - Wonderbitch - Alone

Episode 1101

Episode 1101 first aired May 2, 2018. Artists: Dawn And Hawkes, Robyn Ludwick, Suzanna Choffel, The Watters, Robynn Shayne, Jeff Plankenhorn, Cilantro Boombox, Roxy Roca, Wonderbitch, Ex Romantika, Los Coast, Casper Rawls, Dave Scher Trio, and Austin Guitar Heaven. Watch the Episode