Episode 1408

Episode 1408 first aired on June 26, 2019

Artist Song
UTOPiAfest  Moments From 2012
Walker Lukens Heard You Bought A House (Karaoke Video)
Michael Dillard Band Wake-up Call
Fuel Our Fire & One Village Music Project Why Are You So? (A Lenz Twinz Film)
Rebecca Loebe Popular
Patrice Pike Count On You
Jesse Dayton May Have To Do It (Don’t Have To Like It)
Shelley King The Ones You Don’t See Coming¬†
DD Dagger Featuring Papisa Slipped Into Sin
Craig Marshall Before The Days Have Gone (Lyric Video)
Emily Shirley Guests Of Ghosts
Tiarra Girls Leave it to the People
Grupo Fantasma The Wall featuring Locos Por Juana and Ozomatli (Official Video)
Devin White Grow Me Some Time (PopUpVideo)