Episode 1612

Episode 1612 first aired on March 25, 2020

Artist Song
Ramsay Midwood Maybelline Grease
Ramsay Midwood Baldheaded
Hospital Bed Karaoke w/Scott Wade Corona Paranoke
Ramsay Midwood Mystical Man of Sorrow (Live at Sam’s Town Point)
Ramsay Midwood Rotten Alabama 
Esther Rose Keeps Me Running (Live at Sam’s Town Point)
Crescent Soul Revue Hey Pocky A-Way (Live at Sam’s Town Point)
Roy Head I’m A Man (Live at Sam’s Town Point)
The Imperial Starlighters  Rockin’ Is A Hobby Of Mine
Emily Gimble and Floyd Domino I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me (Live at Sam’s Town Point)
Geoff Queen and Redd Volkaert  
Theo Lawrence Petit cœur (Live at Sam’s Town Point)
Armadillo Road Whiskey, You Done Done It Again
Mike Stinson Box I Take To Work
Ramsay Midwood All Alone
Sam’s Town Point “We don’t make money, we make memories”
(Austin American Statesman -austin360video)