Episode 1802

Episode 1802 first aired on September 9, 2020

Artist Song
Jack Barksdale Man In The Shadows (Official Music Video)
Todd Barrow Country’s Just Cooler
Scott Collins The Upside (Official Music Video)
Croom Onyx Eyes Featuring Allanah Maarteen
(Official Music Video)
Oh Antonio and His Imaginary Friends Curse You Cancer Featuring Robsie, Claire McDaniel
The Best Around Margaret (Official Music Video)
Steampunk Mark Plimsoll Story Of A LoveĀ 
Wayne Gathright He Ain’t Got Diddly
David Messier It’s Alive (Official Music Video)
The Sour Notes Last Looks (Official Music Video)
Thanks Light NY & LA (Broke My Heart)
The Band Of Heathens Black Cat (Official Music Video)
Zach Person Can’t Stop Running