Episode 1803

Episode 1803 first aired on September 16, 2020

Artist Song
Walker Lukens Never Understood (Official Music Video)
LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies Watch Me Now (Official Music Video)
Doak Snead Come & Get Your Rock (Official Music Video)
Jo James Back Home (Official Music Video)
Scott Collins Marigold – Agnes EP (Official Music Video)
SPaHrk Small Talk
Joe Basquez I Saw You Flying
Ruthie Foster It Might Not Be Right (Official Music Video)
Jeff Plankenhorn  Bird Out On 9th (Video By Seela)
Jack Barksdale Friends and Strangers (Official Lyric Video)
Savannah Red Music  Paper Doll
Marshall Hood  See You Again (Live at Buds Recording)
Wild Bill & The Lost Knobs The Show
Julie Nolen Hey Bartender
Billy Broome Keep ‘em clean