Episode 1811

Episode 1811 first aired on November 18, 2020

Artist Song
James McMurtry Forgotten Coast (Official Music Video) 
Steel Standing TX Taking Names
Big Jaw Band Mess Around
Spirit Ghost If Only (Official Music Video)
Mobley James Crow (Official Music Video)
Vanessa Lively Unleash The Words
Sasha And The Valentines Tears For Mars (Official Lyric Video)
LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies Sixteen (Official Music Video)
Motenko  The Thief Featuring NNeDi (Official Music Video)
Jeff Plankenhorn  Bird Out On 9th (Video By Seela)
Nakia Private Hell (Official Music Video)
Emily Shirley Eyes In The Dark
Altamesa  Yellow Sky (Official Music Video)
The Black Pumas Fire (Timelapse Mural Video)