Episode 1902

Episode 1902 first aired on January 20, 2021

Artist Song
Fastball We’re On Our Way (Official Music Video)
Jefferson Brown Terry, What Are You Thinking Of?
Beth Lee Waiting On You Tonight
Nané Quaranteen (Official Music Video)
Easy Compadre Mamulique (Official Music Video)
Scott Collins Something Different Here (Official Music Video)
CHANT Primetime Annihilation (Official Music Video)
BLXPLTN ZZEERRO (Dying for You to Get Rich) [Official Music Video]
Greyhounds Lone Rider (Official Music Video)
Me Nd Adam Living the Dream (Official Music Video)
Charlie Belle What About Me? (Official Music Video)
Motenko Silhouette (Official Music Video)
Mandy Rowden Sing Hallelujah
Jay D. Stiles Workout #9
Kae Astra Softly Tread (Official Music Video)
Tiarra Girls Can’t Stop The World (Official Lyric Video)