Episode 1912

Episode 1912 first aired on April 14, 2021

Artist Song
Gary Clark Jr. Bright Lights (Official Music Video)
Dylan Blackthorn Tens Of Wands (Official Music Video)
Sue Foley The Dance (Official Music Video)
Kalu And The Electric Joint Downfall 
Arrows To Fire Crocodile 
Adrian Conner Butterfly (Official Lyric Video)
Sonya Jevette Big Girls (Official Music Video)
Music Of 25 Shil
Jack Barksdale Man In The Shadows (Official Music Video)
The Watters Great Unknown (Official Music Video)
Henry Invisible EPK Video 2020
Motenko The Thief Featuring NNeDi (Official Music Video)
Sir Woman Highroad (Official Music Video)
Jacob Alan Jaeger Coastal Texas