Episode 2005

Episode 2005 first aired on June 2, 2021

Artist Song
Moana Tela Searching 4 Me (Official Music Video)
Buenos Diaz Love Insanity (Official Music Video)
The Sour Notes Shoulda (Official Music Video)
Parker Woodland The World’s On Fire (and We Still Fall in Love) 
Motenko Silhouette (Live At Bud’s Recording)
Gina Chavez + Las Migas Sol y Soledad
Rochelle & The Sidewinders Red Shoes and Lucky Hat (Live)
Kate Howard Piñata Girl (Official Music Video)
Todd Barrow Gonna Drive (Official Music Video)
Dana Maria Desert Diamond (Official Music Video)
Jomo & The Possum Posse Brian’s Song (Not That One)
Emily Wolfe Something Better (Official Music Video)
Michael Hays Flashback Moonlight (Official Music Video)
Calliope Musicals Can You Tell Me (Official Music Video)