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Episode 2015

Episode 2015 first aired on August 25, 2021

Artist Song
Buenos Diaz Love Insanity (Official Music Video)
Lechuza Heartbreak City (Official Music Video)
A Giant Dog Bendover (Official Music Video)
Nick Swift Band Reflection (Official Music Video)
Wild Child Break Bones (Official Music Video)
Crawford Smith Seen (Official Music Video)
Danger*Cakes Runaround Girl (Official Music Video)
Sophia Johnson I’m Moving To Manchaca (Official Music Video)
Tortuga Shades Comes Around (Official Music Video)
Kate Howard Dealer Takes All (Official Music Video)
Riders Against The Storm (RAS) Is It? (Ayuma Remix 2020)
David Messier Older (Official Music Video)
River Revival Music Festival 2017 Re-Cap Video (Tomar & The FCs)
Papa Mali Make A Way
(Jamming with J & Matt Hubbard – Live in Brooklyn, NY)
Sam Price & The True Believers Nothing But Love (Live in New Orleans)