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Episode 2105

Episode 2105 first aired on October 6, 2021

Artist Song
Vanessa Lively Unleash The Words (Official Music Video)
Mandy Rowden Let Me In (Official Music Video)
Billy Broome Another Song (Official Music Video)
UTOPiAfest  UTOPiAfest Twelve – October 14-16, 2021
Henry Invisible HI LIFE (Official Lyric Video)
Matthew Logan Vasquez Vacation (Official Music Video)
UTOPiAfest UTOPiAfest Friends and Family
Jenny Parrott Dancin’ (Official Music Video)
Shane Cooley Leave This Town (UTOPiA Sessions 2015)
Garrett T. Capps  I Like Austin, But I Love San Antone (Official Music Video)
Jacob Alan Jaeger Telemetry Blues (in.sessions 2016)
Shinyribs  Sweetening (Late Night TV Gold)
Sir Woman Highroad (Official Music Video)
UTOPiAfest Moments from UTOPiAfest 2015
Trouble In The Streets Mad Science (Official Music Video)