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Episode 2214

Episode 2214 first aired on April 13, 2022

Artist Song
Kate Clover Heaven Down Here (Official Music Video)
Calliope Musicals Cosmic Poison Arrow (Official Music Video)
Buffalo Hunt Life Not On My Terms (Official Music Video)
Andy Frasco & The U.N. Grow Old (Official Music Video)
Arthur Yoria Wishlist (Official Music Videos)
LP One Last Time (Official Music Video)
The Ghost Wolves End Of It All (Official Music Video)
Monokino Baby (Official Lyric Video)
Nervous Pulp ScuzzFuzz
Zakoor Feels Like 33 (Official Music Video)
Sam Kogon Barbed Wire (Official Music Video)
Kathy Murray and The Kilowatts Changing Lanes (Official Music Video)
Rochelle & The Sidewinders One More Time (Live in Houston, TX)
Jack Pott Sure Is Quiet Since The Goldfish Died (Live at Cactus Cafe)
Lefty Parker LP (St. Edwards Courtyard)
Derailers Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass (Official Music Video)