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Episode 2215

Episode 2215 first aired on April 20, 2022

Artist Song
UTOPiAfest UTOPiAfest Twelve – October 14-16, 2021
Andy Frasco & The U.N. Puff Break (Official Music Video)
Me Nd Adam I Only Feel Alive When I’m Stoned (Official Music Video)
Sarah Sharp & The Jitterbug Vipers A Viper Just The Same (Official Music Video)
Graham Wilkinson Funny Feeling (Official Music Video)
LP When We’re High (Official Music Video)
James Hyland & The Joint Chiefs Medicine Man (Official Music Video)
Jomo & The Possum Posse Annie is a Chicken Now (Official Music Video)
Willie Nelson Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die (Live Version)
Jonathan Tyler Old Friend (Official Music Video)
Shane Cooley Coyote (Official Music Video)
Thanks Light I Get High {Off You} (Official Music Video)
Jack Pott! It’s 4:20 Everywhere
Asylum Street Spankers Funny Cigarette (Live)