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Episode 2306

Episode 2306 first aired on July 6, 2022

Artist Song
James Haddox I Sell Everywhere (Austin Real Estate Parody)
Houston Bernard Hangover (Official Music Video)
Roxi Copeland I Come From Crazy (Official Music Video)
Todd Barrow West Texas Wind (Official Music Video)
Sunny Sweeney From A Table Away (Official Music Video)
Scott Collins Be Alright (Official Music Video)
The Deer Up Into Roses (Official Music Video)
AZXO Idle Mind (Official Music Video)
Shane Cooley Orchid (Lyric Video Visualizer)
Steel Standing Wishful Thinking (Official Music Video)
River Revival 2022 Dem Roots Music (Feng Shui)
Tribe Mafia Tempted By Touch (Featuring Moana Tela)
Honey Made Do Ya (Official Music Video)
Glenn & Juanita Towery Think4AMinute (Ft Lolly and Tosha Lovett)
Justice Cammack Solid Ground (Live at 512 Studios)