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Episode 2313

Episode 2313 first aired on September 7, 2022

Artist Song
River Revival 2022 Dem Roots Music (Feng Shui)
Bruce Hughes Sweet Children (Official Lyric Video)
Charlie Mars The Money (Official Music Video)
Jerry Impini Good Time Woman (Official Lyric Video)
Scott Collins In The Burgundy (Official Music Video)
Icons Of Industry The Wheels Will Turn (In The Studio)
Andrea Magee Normal People (Official Music Video)
Jank Sinatra Double Deja Vu (Official Music Video)
Colt Wayne Keeney Six Loud Prayers (Official Music Videos)
Jeremy Nail Something More (Official Music Video)
Vanessa Lively (Truth Is) I Am Found (Official Lyric Video)
Sharon Bourbonnais Party Party Dance Dance (Live at El Mercado Backstage)
Leopold And His Fiction It's How I Feel (Free) {Official Music Video}
ItBegins My Friend (Live at 512 Studios)