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Episode 2407

Episode 2407 first aired on November 30, 2022

Artist Song
Me Nd Adam The Good Times Got Me in a Decline (Supporting The Killers – Official Recap Video)
CAPYAC Goodtime (Official Music Video)
Magic City Hippies Champagne On The Rider (Official Music Video)
Chesney Claire Shut Up My Mom's Calling (Official Music Video)
Golden Dawn Arkestra Join As One (Official Music Video)
Mia Delamar Silly (Official Music Video)
Easy Compadre Mamulique (Official Music Video)
Nathan Harlan Doctor (Official Music Video)
Quiet Company The Emasculated Man and the City That Swallowed Him (Official Music Video)
Middle Fingers Unfold Middle Fingers Unfold (Official Music Video)
Steel Standing TX Move Over (Official Music Video)
Mr. Gabee ibiye (goodthing)
Sonya Jevette Love (Official Lyric Video)
Brian Kremer By The Time (Official Music Video)
Ian Moore Somewhere Down The Line (Food For Love Benefit Show)