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Episode 2808

Episode 2808 first aired on May 29, 2024

Artist Song
The BlueBonnets 60 Punishing Minutes (OMV)
Wendy Colonna Girls Like Me (OMV)
Ginger Leigh Hey Funky You (OMV)
Alesia Lani I Don't Mind (OMV)
Vallejo Featuring David Garza Drive Me Crazy (OMV)
Tamara Gamez Lowly (OMV)
Del Castillo All Around (OMV)
Ruthie Foster War Pigs (OMV)
Sue Foley Southern Men (OMV)
Bonnie Whitmore Embers To Ashes (OMV)
West Texas Exiles Hotel Tomorrow (Live at Purple Bee TV)
Katrina Cain Gold (OMV)
Nate Harris Every Heart Breaks The Same (OMV)
Casper Rawls Pick Me Up On Your Way Down (Live at The Continental Club)

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