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Episode 2605

Episode 2605 first aired on August 16, 2023

Artist Song
Chaka Why Black Everythang Matters
Riders Against The Storm x Grant Phabao Go! (Official Music Video)
Jacob Guzman – DAWA Testimony Concrete To Canvas (West Chelsea Contemporary)
Como Las Movies La Inconforme (Official Music Video)
Joe Brundidge – DAWA Testimony Poet, Author, Host and Public Speaker
Suzanna Choffel Inspire Me (Official Music Video by Todd V. Wolfson)
Midnight Navy Featuring Daniel Rosales Crema (Official Music Video)
Shiela – DAWA Testimony Recording Artist
Como Las Movies Featuring Shiela Cafe (Official Music Video)
The Teeta – DAWA Testimony Recording Artist
Ben Buck and BoomBaptist Marquee (Official Music Video)
Joseph Salazar Long Was The Year (Broadcast Cover)
KVN High & Low (The Mix Sessions SXSW)
Girls Rock Austin Girls Rock Austin Camp (Official Music Video)
Austin Texas Musicians Voice of Central Texas Musicians on City, State and Federal Policy (Promo Video)
DAWA – Diversity Awareness and Wellness in Action Thankful (Black Live Music Fund + Six Square)
Raw Paw Services (Artist-run print studio in Austin, TX.)
JuiceLand Promo (Fueled by fun and the belief that fresh foods can be life-changing.)
Riders Against The Storm Booty Sweat (Official Music Video)
Guayaki Yerba Mate Guayaki x SxSW 2023
Ben Buck Best Is Yet To Come (Official Music Video by Animal Milk) (Cuts by DJ Trackstar)