What is Support Austin Music?

Support Austin Music is a cooperative of Austin-based musicians and their supporters creating compilations of music videos for airing on Austin Public Access Channel 16.

How do I get my band’s music videos considered for Support Austin Music?

Visit the Support Austin Music website and submit your videos and release forms. Once submitted, selected videos will appear in the soonest available episode. Only bands and musicians based in the Austin area and actively playing gigs in Austin will be considered.

Is there any cost for getting music videos played?

No, there is no cost. Submitted videos must adhere to the directions on the website. Support Austin Music does not edit videos or cut singles from multiple tracks.

How long after videos are submitted before they are aired?

If selected, videos will appear in the soonest available slot. The website includes a calendar of submission deadlines; in general submissions deadlines are 3 weeks prior to air dates.

Where are the videos aired?

The music videos are compiled into hour-long episodes and are aired weekly on Austin Public Access Channel 16. Check your cable provider for the specific channel. Time Warner Cable channel 10-16. Additionally, the episode will be shown several times in the following week before being posted and available for viewing on the website.

The Austin Public Access Channel 16 live feed is available on our website for those of you who are unable to get Channel 16 on your television.

Channel 16 Live Feed

What are the rules and regulations of Channel Austin?

Make sure your videos do not have any wording that violates the FCC rules.  The footage will not air if you have any type of “call to action.” You can still have information about your shows and website but can’t say “visit our website” or “come to our show.”

Following are the guidelines established by the FCC:
The FCC policy states that noncommercial television shall remain noncommercial and that acknowledgments shall be for identification purposes (i.e., to identify but not promote the program sponsor).  The FCC also specifically prohibits comparative or qualitative descriptions of products, services or companies. Additionally, company “calls to action” such as “call now,” “shop today,”  “visit our website,” etc. are prohibited.

Does Support Austin Music have an email list?

Yes, once music videos are submitted you will be included on the email list. Support Austin Music will send periodic emails reminding of airing dates and other information. An email list for Austin music supporters is also available.

How many music videos can a band submit?

Video owners can submit as many videos as they want to, adhering to the directions on the website. However, bands should consider what videos they prefer to have aired, and selectively submit those preferences.

What is the Support Austin Music website address?