Season 27
November 2023 - March 2024

Episode 2716 first aired on March 13, 2024. Music by Carolyn Wonderland, Money Chicha, Barfield The Tyrant, English Teeth, Tomar and The FCs, Wrongbird, Ian Moore, Restos Featuring Jaimee Harris, Me Nd Adam, Kelley Mickwee, West Texas Exiles, Ramsay Midwood, Cadler Allen, Alejandro Escovedo, Shinyribs, and The Bros Fresh.

Episode 2716

Episode 2715 first aired on March 6, 2024. Music by Jane Leo, River Retreat, Reckless Kelly, Silverada, The New Essentials, Sgt. Remo, Parker Woodland, Sapphie, Scan Hopper, Ulrich Ellison , Kathy Murray & The Kilowatts, West Texas Exiles, Katrina Cain, River Retreat, and The San Antones & Lion Heights.

Episode 2715

Episode 2714 first aired on February 28, 2024. Music by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Ben Buck, Scan Hopper, Kady Rain, Magic City Hippies, River Retreat, Graham Wilkinson, Katrina Cain, West Texas Exiles, Robyn Ludwick, Ben Kweller, Madam Radar, River Retreat, Shelley King, Giulia Millanta, and Seventh Legend.

Episode 2714

Episode 2713 first aired on February 21, 2024. Music by Cilantro Boombox, Sgt. Remo, Alan Moe Monsarrat, Kev Bev and The Woodland Creatures, Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton, Ray Prim, Giulia Millanta, Como Las Movies Featuring Sabrina Ellis, Igor Lisul, Gary Clark Jr., Robert Cline Jr., West Texas Exiles, and Fastball.

Episode 2713

Episode 2712 first aired on February 7, 2024. Music by Zach Person & Kathy Valentine, Keith Sanders & David Orr, Ruthie Foster, KP and the Boom Boom, Mobley, Moana Tela, Black Pumas, Aaron Stephens, Jake Lloyd, Gary Clark Jr., Eimaral Sol, Tomar & The FCs, Charlie Belle, Peterson Brothers, Sweet Limb Featuring Norman BA$E, Riders Against The Storm (RAS) Featuring Clarence James, Ray Prim, Mélat, Kalu & The Electric Joint, Sonya Jevette, Rochelle and The Sidewinders, Queen Deelah Featuring Gio, Candace Bellamy, Scott Strickland, Trouble In The Streets, Akina Adderley, Dirty Water, Alesia Lani, Tameca Jones, and Jackie Venson.

Episode 2712

Episode 2711 first aired on January 31, 2024. Music by River Retreat, Sydney Wright, Folk Uke, Urban Heat, Bayonne, Black Pumas, Jane Leo, The Western Civilization, Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real, Blood Pumps, Jeska, Igor Lisul, Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and the West Texas Exiles.

Episode 2711

Episode 2710 first aired on January 24, 2024. Music by Miguel St. Michael, Conan Gray, MAMAHAWK, Black Pumas, Shakey Graves & Sierra Ferrell, Whitney Rose, Houston Bernard, Down South Pepper Band, Sapphie, The Bobdogs, The Bright Light Social Hour + Riders Against The Storm, Sweet Limb Featuring Norman BA$E, Cypress Hill, and Sublime.

Episode 2710

Episode 2709 first aired on January 17, 2024. Music by Robynn Shayne, Magic City Hippies, The South Austin Moonlighters, Sue Foley, Motenko, Max Frost, Paige Plaisance, Garrett T Capps, Croy And The Boys, Bri Bagwell, Bill Carter, Shelley King, and Gary Clark Jr.

Episode 2709

Episode 2708 first aired on January 10, 2024. Music by Andy Frasco & The U.N., Henry Invisible, Me Nd Adam, Seth Walker, Matt Hubbard, Carolyn Wonderland, Pike & Sutton, James Hyland & The Joint Chiefs, Graham Wilkinson Featuring Mau Mau Chaplains, Thanks Light, Sublime, The Band Of Heathens, Willie Nelson, and Jack Pott!

Episode 2708

Episode 2707 first aired on January 3, 2024. Music by Sue Foley, Dirty Water, Greyhounds, Ulrich Ellison Featuring Kenny Aronoff, Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, Quiet Company, Uncle Lucius, Ramsay Midwood, Lukas Nelson Featuring Lainey Wilson, Paige Plaisance, Austin Lounge Lizards, Uncle Walts Band, Jack Pott!, Wendy Colonna, and Rochelle & The Sidewinders.

Episode 2707

Episode 2706 first aired on December 20, 2023. Music by John Evans, Graham Wilkinson, Robynn Shayne, The Mrs, Candace Bellamy, Neil Darling & Todd Wilson, Lost Austin Band, Emily Shirley, Shane Cooley, The Trishas, Patricia Vonne & Her Sisters, Patricia Vonne, Joe King Carrasco y El Molino, Marshall Hood, Devin White and Jacob Jaeger, Austin Visitors Bureau, Shelley King, Ginger Leigh, Austin Trail Of Lights, Two Player Music, and Robert Earl Keen.

Episode 2706

Episode 2705 first aired on December 13, 2023. Music by Bri Bagwell, Graham Wilkinson, Shinyribs, Phoebe Hunt, Haydn Vitera, Patricia Vonne, Henry Invisible, Robynn Shayne, Shane Cooley, Austin Visitors Bureau, Dale Watson, Matt Hubbard, Marcia Ball, Two Player Music, Jay D. Stiles, and Shelley King.

Episode 2705

Episode 2704 first aired on December 6, 2023. Music by HOME Supporters!

Episode 2704

Episode 2703 first aired on November 29, 2023. Music by Patricia Vonne & Rosie Flores, Fastball, Mobley, Max Frost, MAMAHAWK, Magic City Hippies, Maggie Rose, Andy Frasco & The U.N., Motenko, Rochelle and The Sidewinders, DD Dagger, Kevin Galloway, Wayne Gathright, Irondequoit Dodge, and Eric Tessmer.

Episode 2703

Episode 2702 first aired on November 22, 2023. Music by The Texicana Mamas, Joseph Mach, Wendy Colonna, Graham Wilkinson, Buju Banton, Riders Against The Storm, Ruthie Foster, Candy Coburn, Suzanna Choffel, Jonathan Tyler, Phoebe Hunt, Sara Hickman, and Jack Barksdale.

Episode 2702

Episode 2701 first aired on November 15, 2023. Music by Barfield The Tyrant, Buenos Diaz, Bruce Hughes, Rose Budd, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, The Watters, Black Pumas, Peterson Brothers, Paige Plaisance, Scott Collins, The Tiarras, Jane Leo, Johnny Goudie, and Jackie Venson.

Episode 2701

Season 26
July 2023 - November 2023

Episode 2616 first aired on November 8, 2023. Music by The Other Ones Foundation, Croy And The Boys, Como Las Movies, Brownout, The Pharcyde, JD3 with Nikki Glaspie, HeartByrne, Calliope Musicials, Jeff HORTI Hortillosa, and Glimmer Austin.

Episode 2616

Episode 2615 first aired on November 1, 2023. Music by The Tiarras, Jeff Plankenhorn, Ulrich Ellison, Fuzz, Steel Standing, Nathan Harlan, Roberto Montoya, Michael Meeking, Lion Heights, Wayne Gathright, Down South Pepper Band, Irondequoit Dodge, Susan Gibson, and Jo James.

Episode 2615

Episode 2614 first aired on October 25, 2023. Music by Sydney Wright, Ratarue, Magic City Hippies Tamara Gamez, Brownout, Como Las Movies, Lion Heights, Phoebe Hunt, Buenos Diaz, Andy Frasco & The U.N., The Band Of Heathens, Pierce and The Purple Moon, Calder Allen, and Shane Cooley.

Episode 2614

Episode 2613 first aired on October 11, 2023. Music by Ratarue, Middlespoon, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, K8, Phoebe Hunt, Seventh Legend, Leeann Atherton, Ben B The Brave, Rochelle and The Sidewinders, Kathy Murray & The Kilowatts, Brett Dennen, Andy Frasco & The U.N., The Wheel Workers, and Urban Heat.

Episode 2613

Episode 2612 first aired on October 4, 2023. Music by Roxy Roca, Buffalo Hunt, Jane Leo, The Unlimited Stars, Jonathan Tyler, Ratarue, Riders Against The Storm, Shakey Graves, Ramsay Midwood, Uncle Lucius, Paige Plaisance, Honey Island Swamp Band, Phoebe Hunt, and Brett Dennen.

Episode 2612

Episode 2611 first aired on September 27, 2023. Music by Parker Woodland, Wendy Colonna, Jon Dee Graham, Urban Heat, Wendy Colonna, Caleb De Casper, Akina Adderley, Nancy Scott, Bill Oliver & The Otter Space Band, The Therapy Sisters, and Kathy McCarty.

Episode 2611

Episode 2610 first aired on September 20, 2023. Music by Bastrop Music Festival, Madam Radar, Suzanna Choffel, Donovan Keith, Pat Byrne, Beat Root Revival, Nick Swift, Peterson Brothers, Sir Woman, Taylor Young, Sour Bridges, Jomo & The Possum Posse, Rosie Flores and The Talismen, Mike Stanley, and Two Tons Of Steel.

Episode 2610

Episode 2609 first aired on September 13, 2023. Music by River Revival Music Festival, J & The Causeways, VOLK, Night Drive, Me Nd Adam, Urban Heat, The Black Keys, Pierce and The Purple Moon, Tomar & The FCs, Dem Roots Music, Colin Lake, Pearl Earl, Brodie Lane, Opie Hendrix, and The Tiarras.

Episode 2609

Episode 2608 first aired on September 6, 2023. Music by River Revival Music Festival, Parker Woodland, Jane Leo, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, The Bright Light Social Hour, Ratarue, Nemegata, Heather Miller, Kate Howard, Bonnie Whitmore, Dr. Zog, Jo James, Scott Strickland, Rochelle and The Sidewinders, and The Bacon Brothers.

Episode 2608

Episode 2607 first aired on August 30, 2023. Music by River Revival Music Festival, Black Pumas, Jeff Plankenhorn, EVVI, The Bright Light Social Hour, Wendy Colonna, Brett Dennen, Dallas Burrow, Adriana Live, Folk Uke, Parker Woodland, Sweet Limb, Andy Frasco & The U.N., Kate Howard, and Cara Van Thorn.

Episode 2607

Episode 2606 first aired on August 23, 2023. Music by Brett Dennen, Satalights, Madam Radar, Nori, Dallas Burrow, Nate Harris, Rochelle and The Sidewinders, EVVI, Miguel St. Michael Featuring Cynthia Lee Fontaine & Babiboi, Tarantula Mountain, King-Sley, Pearl Z, and Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble.

Episode 2606

Episode 2605 first aired on August 16, 2023. Music by Chaka, Riders Against The Storm x Grant Phabao, Jacob Guzman – DAWA Testimony, Como Las Movies, Joe Brundidge – DAWA Testimony, Suzanna Choffel, Midnight Navy Featuring Daniel Rosales, Shiela – DAWA Testimony, Como Las Movies Featuring Shiela, The Teeta – DAWA Testimony, Ben Buck and BoomBaptist, Joseph Salazar
KVN, Girls Rock Austin, Austin Texas Musicians, DAWA – Diversity Awareness and Wellness in Action, Raw Paw, JuiceLand, Riders Against The Storm, Guayaki Yerba Mate, and Ben Buck.

Episode 2605

Episode 2604 first aired on August 9, 2023. Music by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, Brett Dennen, Tomar & The FCs, Sierra Ferrell, Dallas Burrow, Robynn Shayne, Peterson Brothers, River Revival, Pecos Hank, Shakey Graves, Ramsay Midwood, John Evans, Croy And The Boys, and Paige Plaisance.

Episode 2604

Episode 2603 first aired on July 26, 2023. Music by John Evans, The Wheel Workers, Me Nd Adam, Pearl Z, Folk Family Revival, Grandma Mousey, The Tiarras, Shakey Graves, Nelson Saga, Brett Dennen, River Revival Music Festival, Brodie Lane Featuring Kelly Green, Chris Castaneda and The Electronoids, Garrett T. Capps, and Paige Plaisance.

Episode 2603

Episode 2602 first aired on July 19, 2023. Music by Fuzz, Tomar & The FCs, Andy Frasco & The U.N., The Belle Sounds, The Wheel Workers, Rick Hornyak, Me Nd Adam, The Tiarras, Jo James, River Revival Music Festival, Colin Lake, Pearl Earl, Brodie Lane, and Middle Fingers Unfold.

Episode 2602

Episode 2601 first aired on July 12, 2023. Music by Lukas Nelson, Phoebe Hunt, American Dreamer, Ben Kweller, Robert Ellis, Rochelle & The Sidewinders, The Wheel Workers, Kate Angel, Rad Gnar, Andy Frasco & The U.N., Blaze X Black, Riders Against The Storm, Dr. Zog, Jack Pott!, and Rick Hornyak.

Episode 2601

Season 25
February 2023 - July 2023

Episode 2516 first aired on July 5, 2023. Music by K8, Barfield The Tyrant, Ben Kweller, Robert Ellis, Andy Frasco & The U.N., Middlespoon, Jo James, Scott Strickland, The Wheel Workers, Thanks Light, Jacob Alan Jaeger, Lukas Nelson, Sir Woman, and The Belle Sounds.

Episode 2516

Episode 2515 first aired on June 28, 2023. Music by Ben Kweller, The Best Around, Pope Coke, Andy Frasco & The U.N., Jane Leo, Nervous Bride, BlackLight, Hennizi Da Don, The Frank Mustard Project, RLTVS, Jo James, The Bacon Brothers, River Revival Music Festival, Rick Hornyak, Todd Bailey, and Down South Pepper Band.

Episode 2515

Episode 2514 first aired on June 21, 2023. Music by CAPYAC, Kady Rain, Middlespoon, Gina Chavez, Miguel St. Michael, AZXO, Daisy O’Connor, Pike & Sutton, LP, Nakia, Caleb De Casper, Chris Conde, Jinx McGee, and Julie Nole.

Episode 2514

Episode 2513 first aired on June 7, 2023. Music by Magic City Hippies, Nakia, Patrice Pike, Melissa Carper, Jeff Plankenhorn, Scott Collins, Miguel St. Michael, Caleb De Casper, Sonya Jevette, Jinx McGee, Middlespoon, Gina Chavez, Chris Conde, Andy Frasco & The U.N., and River Revival Music Festival.

Episode 2513

Episode 2512 first aired on May 31, 2023. Music by Alesia Lani, Easy Compadre, Tamara Gamez, Roxy Roca, Robyn Ludwick, Charlie Mars, Andy Frasco & The U.N., Miguel St. Michael, Ali Holder, Bridey Murphy Band, Cara Van Thorn, Johnny Nicholas, Dallas Burrow, and Texas Film Incentives.

Episode 2512

Episode 2511 first aired on May 24, 2023. Music by Jonathan Tyler, Vallejo, The Past Lives, Tamara Gamez, Restos, Me Nd Adam, Tameca Jones, Andy Frasco & The U.N., Giulia Millanta, Down South Pepper Band, Jaimee Harris, Alan Moe Monsarrat, Blaze X Black, Seth Walker, The Irons, and Johnny Nicholas.

Episode 2511

Episode 2510 first aired on May 17, 2023. Music by Andy Frasco & The U.N., MAMAHAWK, Tamara Gamez, Nelson Saga, Tomar &The FCs, Katie Shore, Jaimee Harris, RLTVS, Batty Jr., Donovan Keith, Buenos Diaz, Bear Ryan, Johnny Nicholas, River Revival, and Jack Pott.

Episode 2510

Episode 2509 first aired on May 10, 2023. Music by Tameca Jones, Uncle Lucius, The Bluebonnets, Ian Moore, Nathan Harlan, K8, Steel Standing, Walt Wilkins, Dawn & Hawkes, Jeska, Kalu & The Electric Joint, Donovan Keith, Johnny Nicholas, and Shane Cooley.

Episode 2509

Episode 2508 first aired on April 26, 2023. Music by K8, Uncle Lucius, Jake Lloyd, River Revival Music Festival, Dawn & Hawkes, Alan Moe Monsarrat, Phoebe Hunt, Graveltooth, Riders Against The Storm, 1KSpin, River Revival Music Festival, Wild Child, Mike and The Moonpies, Down South Pepper Band, Ruby Dice, and Seventh Legend.

Episode 2508

Episode 2507 first aired on April 19, 2023. Music by Dr. Zog, Alan Moe Monsarrat, Scott Collins, John Tomaino, Buenos Diaz, The Deer, Dean M. Collins, Ruel Thomas, Dawn & Hawkes, Iram Reyes, Vanessa Lively, Batty Jr., Sonya Jevette, and Capable.

Episode 2507

Episode 2506 first aired on April 12, 2023. Music by David Ramirez, Sir Woman, Buffalo Hunt, Shakey Graves, Midlake, Barfield The Tyrant, The Belle Sounds, The Texas Gentlemen, Dancey Jenkins, Night Glitter, Emily Wolfe, Jai Malano, and Alnico Studio.

Episode 2506

Episode 2505 first aired on March 29, 2023. Music by River Retreat Music Festival, Band Of Heathens, The Watters, The Nightowls, Henry Invisible, Electric Gold, India Tigers In Texas, Love & Chaos, HeartByrne, DeadEye, and Dem Roots Music.

Episode 2505

Episode 2504 first aired on March 22, 2023. Music by Carolyn Wonderland, Matt Hubbard, Full Service, A-Town Get Down, Ruthie Foster, Sly 5th Ave & JSWISS, Greyhounds, Wood & Wire, Rebecca Loebe, Gina Chavez, Emily Bell, Ruthie Foster, and The Calm Blue Sea Band.

Episode 2504

Episode 2503 first aired on March 8, 2023. Music by Band Of Heathens, Greyhounds, Jane Leo, Miguel St. Michael, River Retreat, Wild Child, AJ Smith, The Unlimited Stars, Buenos Diaz, Michael Meeking, Shane Cooley, Nate Harris, Wayne Gathright, Nelson Saga, and Frederico7.

Episode 2503

Episode 2502 first aired on March 1, 2023. Music by David Grissom, Madam Radar, Mike Stinson & Johnny Irion, Carolyn Wonderland, Colt Wayne Keeney, Pearl Z, The Ghost Wolves, K8, Seventh Legend, Stupid Drama, BLXPLTN, Tarantula Mountain, Steel Standing TX, and Jank Sinatra.

Episode 2502

Episode 2501 first aired on February 15, 2023. Music by Ruthie Foster, KP and the Boom Boom, Moana Tela, Qi Dada (RAS), Sonya Jevette, Eimaral Sol, Alesia Lani, PEARL Z, Charlie Belle, Candace Bellamy, LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies, Akina Adderley, Trouble In The Streets, Tameca Jones, and Jackie Venson.

Episode 2501

Season 24
October 2022 - February 2023

Episode 2416 first aired on February 8, 2023. Artists: Money Chicha, Icons Of Industry, Shakey Graves, River Retreat, Sir Woman, The Band Of Heathens, Houston Bernard, Craig Marshall, Jeska Forsyth and the Vanity Project, Brodie Lane, Jason James, Dawn & Hawkes, The South Austin Moonlighters, Honey Made, and Scott Collins.

Episode 2416

Episode 2415 first aired on February 1, 2023. Artists: River Retreat, Henry Invisible, Oscar Ornelas, Matt Hubbard, Motenko, Sydney Wright, The Selfless Lovers, Greyhounds, Emily Gimble, Red Young & His Hot Horns, Marcia Ball, Earl Poole Ball, James Speer, and Jay Stiles & David Pulkingham.

Episode 2415

Episode 2414 first aired on January 25, 2023. Artists: Nik Parr & The Selfless Lovers, Max Frost, Lukas Nelson, Sir Woman, Chesney Claire, Swimwear Department, Rad Gnar Band, Stupid Drama, DD Dagger, Tomar & The FCs, Motenko, The Bacon Brothers, Barfield The Tyrant, and Bill Kirchen, Casper Rawls & James Burton.

Episode 2414

Episode 2413 first aired on January 18, 2023. Artists: Jake Lloyd, Como Las Movies, BLAZE x BLACK, Tameca Jones, Sydney Wright, Shelly Knight, Kate Angel, David Messier, Miguel St. Michael, Bridey Murphy Band, Dawn and Hawkes, The Bacon Brothers, The Selfless Lovers, Ruel Thomas, and Jeska Forsyth.

Episode 2413

Episode 2412 first aired on January 11, 2023. Artists: Magic City Hippies, CAPYAC, Jane Leo, Bennett, Dawn and Hawkes, Dem Roots Music, Como Las Movies, Kelley Mickwee, Jeff Plankenhorn, Alejandro Escovedo, The Ghost Wolves, Ben Kweller, The Bacon Brothers, Uncle Lucius, Babelshack Theater, and River Retreat.

Episode 2412

Episode 2411 first aired on January 4, 2023. Artists: Uncle Lucius, Folk Uke, Mamahawk, Magic City Hippies, First Names, The Ghost Wolves, Ben Kweller, The Resentments, Rebecca Loebe, The Band Of Heathens, Dirty Water, Graham Wilkinson, Oscar Ornelas, Ramsay Midwood, and Jonathan Tyler.

Episode 2411

Episode 2410 first aired on December 28, 2022. Artists: Rosie Flores, Sunny Sweeney, Ruthie Foster, Kelly Willis, Shelley King, Carolyn Wonderland, Eve and The Exiles, Gary Clark Jr., Miss Lavelle White, Jai Malano, and Marcia Ball.

Episode 2410

Episode 2409 first aired on December 21, 2022. Artists: Bri Bagwell, Shinyribs, Graham Wilkinson, Phoebe Hunt, Haydn Vitera, Patricia Vonne, Henry Invisible, Robynn Shayne, Shane Cooley, Austin Visitors Bureau, Dale Watson, Matt Hubbard, Marcia Ball, Two Player Music, Jay D. Stiles, and Shelley King.

Episode 2409

Episode 2408 first aired on December 14, 2022. Artists: Uncle Lucius, Me Nd Adam, Walker Lukens, The Ghost Wolves, Middle Fingers Unfold, Pearl Z, Oscar Ornelas, Sweet Limb, The Band Of Heathens, Ruthie Foster, Carolyn Wonderland, John Gaar, Donovan Keith, Whitney Rose, Stone Wheels Music, and Suzanna Choffel.

Episode 2408

Episode 2407 first aired on November 30, 2022. Artists: Me Nd Adam, CAPYAC, Magic City Hippies, Chesney Claire, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Mia Delamar, Easy Compadre, Nathan Harlan, Quiet Company, Middle Fingers Unfold, Steel Standing TX, Mr. Gabee, Sonya Jevette, Brian Kremer, and Ian Moore.

Episode 2407

Episode 2406 first aired on November 23, 2022. Artists: Joseph Mach, Flyjack, Malford Milligan and Candice Sanders, Ruthie Foster, The Mrs, Suzanna Choffel, Graham Wilkinson, LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies, Jo James, Candy Coburn, Haydn Vitera, Phoebe Hunt, and Sara Hickman.

Episode 2406

Episode 2405 first aired on November 16, 2022. Artists: Easy Compadre, AZXO, Alice Sonia-Michael, Jonathan Tyler, Spirit Ghost, O’Keefe Music Foundation, K8, Jane Leo, Alexi 8bit, Shane Cooley, Cara Van Thorn, Quiet Company, Taylor Young Band, Bo DePeña, and Dr. Zog.

Episode 2405

Episode 2404 first aired on November 2, 2022. Artists: Mobley, Max Frost, Fastball, Alexi 8bit, The Coronas, Ruthie Foster, O’Keefe Music Foundation, K8, Quiet Company, Bo DePeña, Taylor Young Band, Magic City Hippies, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Greyhounds, Wild Child, Shinyribs, and Andy Frasco & The U.N.

Episode 2404

Episode 2403 first aired on October 26, 2022. Artists: English Teeth, Ali Holder, David Garza, Mother Falcon, Bruce Hughes, Shane Cooley, Colt Wayne Keeney, Wild Bill And The Lost Knobs, Kev Bev, Jason Robert Blum, Savannah Red Music, Tarantula Mountain, and Papa Mali.

Episode 2403

Episode 2402 first aired on October 12, 2022. Artists: O’Keefe Music Foundation, K8, UTOPiAfest, Brownout, Sir Woman, Magic City Hippies, Vallejo Featuring David Garza, The Coronas, Taylor Young, One South Lark, Christian Leave, Rebecca Loebe, Andy Frasco & The U.N., Chesney Claire, Sonya Jevette, and Caruso.

Episode 2402

Episode 2401 first aired on October 5, 2022. Artists: One Village Music Project, Lew Card, Jack Barksdale, James McMurtry, Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real, Kane Alvarado, Walker Lukens, Charlie Belle, Vallejo, K8, Amy LaVere, Crawford Smith, Shinyribs, Fat Cat featuring That Girl Lay Lay, Andy Frasco & The U.N., and UTOPiAfest.

Episode 2401