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Episode 2809

Episode 2809 first aired on June 5, 2024

Artist Song
Nakia Unstoppable (Dave Audé Pride Remix)
Kady Rain Famous (OMV)
Middlespoon Crush On You (OMV)
Sonya Jevette Love (OMV)
Patrice Pike I used To Hold You (OMV)
Mama Duke That's Just Me (OMV)
p1nkstar Girls Like Us (OMV)
Miguel St. Michael Entre Luces (OMV)
Tje Austin The Story Of Us (OMV)
Primo The Alien More Love (OMV)
Caleb De Casper Too Many Boys (OMV)
Jinx McGee The D (OMV)
Andy Frasco You Do You (OMV)
Gina Chavez Heaven Knows (OMV)
Chris Conde Summertime Heat Produced by El Dusty (OMV)

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