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Episode 2812

Episode 2812 first aired on July 3, 2024

Artist Song
The New Essentials Southside (OMV by Mike Donello)
Katrina Cain Independence Day (OMV)
Silverada Wallflower Featuring Cornbread Cowboi (OMV)
Kat Edmonson Be The Change (OMV)
Nori The Garden (OLV)
Ian Moore Lord Of Levee (OMV)
Ben Buck and BoomBaptist Marquee (OMV)
Me Nd Adam Living The Dream (OMV)
Vallejo Let's Go Crazy – Prince Cover (Live)
HeartByrne This Must Be The Place – Naive Melody (New Years Eve Austin 2019)
Jonathan Tyler Underground Forever (OMV)
Scott Strickland Skyback (LIVE – 1500 Sessions)
Fastball White Collar (OMV)
Jinx McGee Barton Sprangs (OMV)

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