FORMAT: We ask that you submit each video with only one song per file. You may submit as many songs as you like as long as they are submitted individually. 

We are looking for both professional music videos and amateur footage. *But remember, sound is the most important thing. Be aware of that when you are uploading your videos. We recommend you listen to it through a TV first before uploading.

Rules and Regulations of Channel Austin

Make sure your videos do not have any wording that violates the FCC rules. The footage will not air if you have any type of "call to action." You can still have information about your shows and website, but can't say "visit our website" or "come to our show."

Following are the guidelines established by the FCC:

The FCC policy states that noncommercial television shall remain noncommercial and that acknowledgements shall be for identification purposes (i.e., to identify but not promote the program sponsor). The FCC also specifically prohibits comparative or qualitative descriptions of products, services or companies. Additionally, company "calls to action" such as "call now," "shop today," "visit our website," etc. are prohibited.

Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think would be interested. With your help, I look forward to helping showcase our immense Austin talent!

Video Submission Form